What we're doing about COVID-19

At MoreHands, the health of our clients and employees is our top priority. These are the protocols we're following during the pandemic

We take care of ourselves, so we can take care of you.

Your Home

The following procedures are in place for the safety of your home.

  • Masks and gloves

    All employees wear masks throughout the day, and a fresh pair of gloves while cleaning your home.

  • Social Distancing

    All maids maintain social distancing while cleaning your home.

  • Hand Washing

    All employees wash their hands at the beginning and end of each visit.

  • Focused sanitization

    We sanitize with disinfectant while cleaning, but the following areas are being emphasized during this time: doorknobs, light switches, cabinet pulls, stairwell railings, refrigerator handles, oven/stove knobs and handles, towel racks, faucet handles, small appliances, sink brushes and tools, sink sprayers, and phone chargers.

  • Product disinfection

    Employees disinfect our vacuums and all cleaning products between homes.

Our Staff

The following policies are in place for the safety of our staff.

  • Accessible COVID testing

    If a staff member is not feeling well, we pay for them to get tested for COVID-19 immediately, and they may not return to work until their test comes back negative.

  • Following doctor's orders

    If a staff member tests positive, they must follow their doctor's recommendation for quarantine or hospitalization, and not return to work until they have been officially cured.

  • Healing happens at home

    Staff members exhibiting illness of any kind must stay home and take the time to heal. We require all illness-based absences to be under the care of a physician.

  • Preventive care

    Staff members exposed to any illness of concern will be asked to work with a physician and stay home until a sufficient quarantine has been completed.

Our Office

Our staff and company are staying healthy with social distancing.

  • Going remote

    Most of our staff are now working remotely and do not come to our office, except when restocking supplies.

  • Masks and gloves

    When staff do need to come in, we all wear masks and gloves.

  • Social distancing

    We have policies in place to limit the time we spend and the number of staff members in the office at a time. This helps us maintain social distancing at all times.

Customers: Please contact our office through email, text, or phone call if anyone is not feeling well in your home. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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